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*Lippo Select HK & Mainland Property Index (Price-only)

Index Information

Lippo Select HK & Mainland Property Index (the “Index”) is a new milestone in benchmark for listed property sector, it is the first of its kind in covering both Hong Kong & Mainland China. The Index universe is drawn from a broad range of Hong Kong and Mainland property related securities including developers & investors as well as real estate investment trusts (“REITs”) listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Index constituents are selected and filtered by Lippo Investments Management Limited’s unique “Fundamental Indexing” process and supplemented with Hang Seng free-floated market cap methodology. The Index is well suited for those investors who require a broad based and investable benchmark with the potential to achieve an excellent risk adjusted returns over other traditional indices (i.e. market cap based) of the property sector.

Please click here for details of the Index Methodology.

Constituent Changes & Announcements

Please visit Hang Seng Indexes Website for more information.

Index Closing Level

Please refer to the Index Daily Bulletin at Hang Seng Indexes Website for the latest index level of Lippo Select HK & Mainland Property Index Net Total Return Index

Index Performance as of 2020/08

1 month
3 months
6 months
1 year
3 years
5 years
Since Fund Inception

* Total returns with net dividends reinvested

Index Provider Disclaimer:

Hang Seng Indexes Company Limited (“HSIL”) computes the Lippo Select HK & Mainland Property Index (“Index”) at Lippo Investments Management Limited’s direction for the Lippo Select HK & Mainland Property ETF (“Product”). No warranty, representation or guarantee relating to the Index is given by HSIL or may be implied. HSIL accepts no responsibility for the Product or use of the Index in connection with the Product. You should read the full disclaimer relating to the Index in the Product Prospectus.

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